Why Super-Screw Belting Outperforms Vulcanized Belting

Why Super-Screw Belting Outperforms Vulcanized Belting

Conveyor belts, the unsung heroes of numerous industries, rely on specific types of fastening to keep operations running smoothly. Two such types are Super-Screw belting and Vulcanized belting. While both have their merits, let's delve into why Super-Screw belting has increasingly become a top choice for businesses worldwide.

Key Advantages of Super-Screw Belting

Ease of Installation

  • Super-Screw fasteners are easy to install, requiring fewer tools than Vulcanized belts. This user-friendliness often results in shorter downtime during setup or maintenance.

Time and Cost Savings

  • With its simple installation process, Super-Screw belting saves time and labor costs compared to the Vulcanized method, which often requires a professional for installation.

High Durability

  • Super-Screw belts are renowned for their exceptional durability, making them suitable for heavy-duty operations. They can withstand harsh conditions and resist abrasion better than many other forms of fastening.


  • The flexible rubber construction of Super-Screw belts allows them to conform to pulleys' contours, reducing wear and tear. This characteristic isn't as prominent in Vulcanized belting.

Temperature Resilience

  • Super-Screw belts can withstand a wide range of temperatures, making them ideal for various industries, from freezing cold environments to high-heat settings. Vulcanized belts can have issues in extreme temperatures.

No Specialized Tools or Training Required

  • Unlike vulcanizing, which requires a trained professional and specialized tools, Super-Screw belting can be installed with simple hand tools by most technically oriented personnel.

Immediate Repairs

  • Super-Screw belting allows for quick and efficient on-site repairs, minimizing downtime. On the other hand, Vulcanized belts often need to be taken out of service for lengthy repair or replacement, which can disrupt operations.

Suitability for a Variety of Belt Thicknesses

  • The versatile design of Super-Screw fasteners makes them suitable for a wide range of belt thicknesses and types, from fabric belts to solid woven belts.

While Super-Screw belting offers a range of benefits, businesses should consider their unique needs and constraints before deciding on the best solution. For certain applications, other types of fasteners or belting methods may still be more appropriate. Always consider factors such as the materials being transported, the operating environment, and the available resources before making a choice.